The ACADEMY of Arts and Sciences of Asia (AASA)

About Us


The ACADEMY of Arts and Sciences of Asia (AASA) is an honorary learning society, committed to both promoting scientific, cultural and societal progress and assembling front-runners from across scientific and cultural disciplines to address imperative scientific and cultural challenges.
Founded in 2019 as a learned society, our members are prominent scientists and artists who are dedicated to advanced research, interchange and distribution of knowledge, and interdisciplinary and transnational synergy.


The ACADEMY of Arts and Sciences of Asia (AASA) honors excellence from every discipline of science and arts.
It searches new ideas, and cultivates issues of importance to the epistemological and cultural community, which may tend to advance the interest and honor of Arts and Sciences.


The Academy of Arts and Sciences of Asia (AASA) is guided by its duty and responsibility to the following values:
* Advancing the common scientific and cultural good
* Elevating the use of evidence and knowledge
* Fostering scientific and artistic discourse
* Embracing diversity and inclusivity
* Refining excellence

The Research Policy Committee (RePoC)

The RePoC:
* Consists of The Presidium and eight Members elected by General Assembly
* Organizes the Annual Meeting
* Writes and publishes a “White Paper” prior to the meeting.
* The “White Paper” is used as a dialogue paper at the annual meeting
* Establishes a referred electronic journal

ACADEMY of Arts and Sciences of Asia (AASA) Activities

In accordance with the mission, the Academy:
* serves as a forum for debate and a platform for knowledge-sharing;
* issues advisory reports;
* collaborates with international academies on matters related to arts and science and/or scholarship;
* awards prizes

The Young Researches Academy

The Young Academy is a platform of researchers (25-45 years of age) who are among the leading scientists and scholars in their fields.
It organizes inspiring activities focusing on interdisciplinarity, and the interface between science and arts

Our Supporters

AASA is founded by European University Cyprus (EUC) and International Engineering and Technology Institute (IETI).

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